#01 Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

In the first of it's series, we welcome the Something series.
All of it's kind will be tagged with the #SOSNSBSB so they can be filtered using the Tags on the right.

KEY ::
Something Old - An old track
Something New - A new track
Something Borrowed - A track someone else has shown me // or a remix
Something Blue - A sad track

Thin Lizzy // Dancing In The Moonlight

Not to be mistaken with the Toploader song of the same name. This is a completely different tune with one amazing guitar solo.

Phoenix // Trying To Be Cool

Listening to this song automatically makes you cool. This band write music that makes me feel I am in an American High School movie, getting turned down at prom night and driving around in a convertible. Which is impressive seeing as they are French and I am from the UK.

Lovebirds // Want You In My Soul ft. Stee Downes

Borrowed from Bramm. A lovely slice of 8 minutes. Hang tight till the 3 minute mark when those soulful vocals glide in. Summer in a buffered stream.

Blue Hawaii // Try To Be

There is a lullaby-esque quality to this bands music. Her voice is not particularly stunning but it is certainly captivating. The hushed, close-mic voice combined with the sliced vox and simple acoustic guitar backbone make this a very very beautiful song. Get the album.

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